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Malaria is one of the leading causes of illness and death in Zambia. In 2020, malaria cases increased to 8,499,466, while in 2021, the country recorded a total of 6,749,960. In 2022, the cases were 7,050,968. The increase in cases since 2020 has also been partly due to the new challenge of the COVID-19 outbreak. Health facilities record over 5 million cases per year which translates to 13,000 new malaria cases per day.
Did you know that four (4) people die from Malaria every day in Zambia? Fortunately, malaria is a preventable and curable disease and the current mortality rates triggered by malaria can be reduced or eliminated to save the country from the devastating social and economic impact caused by this disease.
Over the past decade, Zambia has made significant progress in the fight against malaria and evidence shows that achieving a malaria-free Zambia is feasible. Zambia is committed to eliminating domestic transmission of malaria and maintaining malaria-free status thereafter


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Malaria is a threat!

Although Zambia has made significant progress against malaria since 2000, it remains a threat to our health and economy.

  • In 2022, there were over 7 million cases of malaria reported. This is a burden on health facilities, especially with the challenges of COVID-19.
  • Malaria affects vulnerable populations: pregnant women and children. Children under 5 years of age account for 66% of global malaria deaths.
  • Malaria decreases GDP growth by up to 1.3% and causes an estimated 12.8 million days of work to be missed annually (the equivalent of 50,000 full-time workers).
  • Malaria hurts key sectors of the economy (e.g., tourism, agriculture, mining).
  • We have a National Malaria Elimination Strategy (2022-2026), but must overcome a US$51 million budget gap to implement it.
Resource Mobilisation
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Investment in malaria prevention yields a 36-to-1 Return on Investment

In 2019, with some support from African Leaders Malaria Alliance, the EMC conducted a business case for private sector investment for Malaria elimination in Zambia. The key findings from this study highlighted the following:

  • Malaria reduces GDP growth by 1.3% per year due to lower productivity.
  • Private sector employees in Zambia miss an average of 4 days for each malaria episode.
  • Workers miss an average of 2.5 days of work per malaria infection, amounting to 8.7million missed days of work each year.
  • Employees miss an additional 2.5 days to care for their families when they have malaria.
  • Businesses lose between USD606-747 million in revenue and indirect costs from productivity losses.
  • Businesses lose an additional USD15.2 million in direct costs for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of malaria in employees.
  • Eliminating malaria will provide an economic return of between 15-29 times the investment.
  • A resurgence could result in revenue losses of USD0.83 – 1.02 billion to Zambian businesses.
  • We strongly believe in joining efforts by all sectors to achieve the goal of eliminating malaria in our beautiful country.
  • Partnership with all sectors in eliminating malaria would benefit everyone, as there would be improved welfare of individuals, improved productivity of private sector companies and overall performance of the economy.

We believe that by combining our expertise, resources, and innovative approaches, we can overcome malaria once and for all.


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